Episode 16 World’s Worst Hit Man With Comedian Mark Normand

We’re back in the Bullpen!! And we got a hot one for ya! Episode 16 World’s Worst Hit Man With Comedian Mark Normand! We do some Guerrilla Podcasting when we sit down with Mark Normand in a bust to talk about Comedy, Life on the road, Dealing with a bad room. Then we head down South to find out what it was like growing up in the Big Easy and hear some good ol’ fashion New Orleans antics!! Like getting sucker punched while in handcuffs AND NOT BY A COP!!🤯 This was a really fun episode you dont want to miss this one. Dont forget to subscribe and review. Follow the show on Twitter @Bullpen_Therapy , Instagram @BullpenTherapyPodcast and Keep up with all things Bullpen At BullpenTherapy.com

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