Episode 20 If You Have To Kill Someone Do It In Prison With Comedians Ray Cosker and Ham Clancy

Welcome To The Bullpen!! We’re back in the Bullpen with Episode 20 If You Have To Kill Someone Do It In Prison With Comedians Ray Cosker and Ham Clancy! But that’s not all! We have a special guest on the show, but you have to listen to find out any more! Ray, and everyone’s favorite 3rd chair, Ham Clancy sit down to tell us about Ray’s run ins with the law and his years as a bartender at Sully’s and EVERYBODY’S got stories about Sully’s! This was a really fun episode and there’s a surprise in it so you definitely don’t want to miss it, trust me. Head over to BullpenTherapy.com to keep up with all things Bullpen, follow us on Instagram @BullpenTherapyPodcast  and Twitter @Bullpen_Therapy

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